How To Get Current Weather Using OpenWeatherMap API in PHP

After Google Weather API being deprecated, I researched over for other available options. Another reliable option was Yahoo Weather but it was very complex to use. Even its documentation was vague and boring to read. So I waved goodbye to Yahoo Weather !! It is legitimate but as I mentioned earlier, it is very complex to

Godspeed 2017 !! I Am Ready !!

It was the New Year’s Eve 2015  when I very first wrote my intents/goals for the New year 2015. I had been thinking for awhile and eventually came up with the idea of to-do lists during the upcoming year. I was excited !! I wrote them in an A-4 sized blank paper with the black ink pen

Romanized Nepali Unicode Available Online Now

After doing a little research on google, I finally found an API tool to transform a given English Written Words to  instantly convert to Nepali Romanized Scripts. The tool called  Google Transliterate API. which is now Deprecated, did work at first. But it had so many issues which I think, even google failed to fix. That’s why

How To Get a Free SSL For Your Domain

Do you want to know how I got SSL Certificate Registered on my domain? If you haven’t noticed it yet, have a look at the permalink above. There you will find HTTPS:// appearing in front of my domain instead of normal HTTP://. And guess what? I did it for Free !! They didn’t charge any penny from

How to Display Current Nepali Date in WordPress Site

With the drastic rising of Nepali Bloggers and blogging websites in Nepal, usage of Nepali Date is common in most of the sites. In most news portal websites too, you can see the Nepali Date appearing either on the top of the page or on the sidebar of the site. In this tutorial, we are

How to Remove Hardcore Width and Height of Thumbnail size in WordPress

By default, WordPress Featured image comes with the built in width and height. In some cases, your website may not meet the requirement of the height/width of the image. Or let’s say, you are not familiar with the responsive design and your images show messed up width and height after displaying on the front end.