Step-by-Step Guide: Display Current Nepali Date in WordPress Using Nepali Date Converter Plugin

Hey there! With lots of awesome bloggers in Nepal, it’s a trend to use the Nepali Date on websites. You might have seen it on news sites, right? Today, we’re going to make your WordPress site cooler by adding the current Nepali Date – and it’s super easy!

We’ll use a nifty plugin called Nepali Date Converter, and with a bit of coding magic, we’ll have your site showing off the latest Nepali Date. Shoutout to codersantosh, a rockstar from the WordPress community, for creating this awesome plugin! Let’s get started! ????

Some of the Coolest Features of this Plugin are:

  1. Two-Way Transformation: Effortlessly switch between English and Nepali Dates using handy Widgets.

  2. User-Friendly: It’s as easy as pie! No tech hurdles – just smooth sailing.

  3. Versatile Usage: Use the plugin’s magic through Shortcodes or PHP functions – your choice!

  4. Stay Current: Always stay in the now with support for displaying the Current Date.

  5. Inconsistent: This plugin is often not updated with the recent major release. So it’s quite inconsistent.

Display Current Nepali Date in WordPress

Step 1. Install and Activate Plugin

To install the plugin, login to your Dashboard. Then go to “WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New” as shown screenshot below. Search “Nepali Date Converter”.  Hit the Install Now button and Activate the plugin. You can also download this plugin from the WordPress repository and simply upload via FTP in your Plugins directory inside the WP-Content folder. Do what is ease to you.


Step 2. Insert The Code To Display Current Nepali Date

After successfully installing and activating the plugin, we are ready to roll in. If you want to display the Current Nepali Date on the top of the page, open your header.php file and insert the below code where necessary. Here we are using do_shortcode to display shortcode via PHP function.

<div class="nepali_date date"> <?php echo do_shortcode( '[ndc-today-date disable_today_eng_date="1" title="" result_format="Y F j, l"]' ); ?> </div>

Step 3. Viewing Nepali Date in the front end

After the Plugin has been successfully installed and the shortcode has been used, you will see Current Nepali Date displayed at the top of your web page.

Display Current Nepali Date in WordPress

If you want to display the Current Nepali Date or English Date in your Widget, then there is already Available Widgets for this plugin. Go to Appearance – > Widgets. You will see it yourself. There is also the available widget to convert Nepali to English Date and Vice Versa. See the Screenshot Below of Widget:

Display Current Nepali Date in WordPress

If you configure your widgets properly, you will see the Nepali Date Converter and Today’s Date appearing on your sidebar as Screenshot below:

Display Current Nepali Date in WordPress

If you found this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to hit the share button down below. And hey, if you know of any other plugins or tricks that can turn English dates into Nepali dates, feel free to drop a comment in the form below. Let’s help each other out!