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Into The Wilderness

A man is a lost being. His dwelling in the past and dreaming of the future makes him more insensitive. He chooses his life not to live for himself but for others. What is the point of living if you’re just living to breathe? Often I’ve seen people working for the same company all their

Was this Planet Really Made For us?

Is all of the creation evidence of an intelligent designer, including the completed mechanisms of the human body? Should you respond yes, then I say, the intelligence quotient of this designer leaves much to be desired. While I marvel at the evolution of the human body and brain contained therein, it is far from perfect. The

25 Lessons I Learned in 25 Years of My Life

First of all, Happy Birthday To Me !! WOW !! I still feel like I am 20 years old. Haha !! Today, I am a Quarter-Century Old. 25 years ago on this exact day, while people were celebrating Democracy Day, I was crying out LOUD. Or probably I was yelling in my childbirth. I can’t

Godspeed 2017 !! I Am Ready !!

It was the New Year’s Eve 2015  when I very first wrote my intents/goals for the New year 2015. I had been thinking for awhile and eventually came up with the idea of to-do lists during the upcoming year. I was excited !! I wrote them in an A-4 sized blank paper with the black ink pen

Why I am not a big fan of Dashain ?

Dashain is the greatest and probably the most popular festival in Nepal. Nepalese People from different corners of the world come just to meet their families and accept the offerings & blessings on this propitious occasion. They cherish with each other. Dashain is also probably the oldest festival celebrated in the human history. And it brings

Infinity plus Infinity ( ∞ + ∞ )

I still remember the day when my primary teacher (forgot her name) was teaching Mathematics on the very first day of my 1st Grade. I was around 6-7 years of age at that time. And that was the day when I first fell in love with Mathematics. The topic my Teacher was teaching in Mathematics