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“build.command” failed Netflify not building (FIX)

One day I was trying to deploy github repository on Netlify and I got a deployment error message with “build.command” failed │along with an error message Command failed with exit code 1: npm run build. I spent hours trying to fix this issue. I tried installing and building npm again, trying all the solutions from

How To Remove a site from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool which tracks and reports traffic of your website. This freemium service is a great tool for a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign as well. Furthermore, Google Analytics also helps you to track the performance of your keywords for successful results. If you are going for monetization, you must use this

Why Database Optimization is Necessary ?

Everyone is familiar with a Database concept but not everybody knows what “Database Optimization” does. Also, most of the Database administrations and analysts have the misconception regarding Optimization. I have seen my own pals, who know how to run the optimization but have no any idea why they are doing it. I used to think Database

How to Register .np domain for Free

NOTE: THIS TUTORIAL IS NO LONGER COMPATIBLE Did you know you can actually register your very own free , or domain name without even paying a single penny for your lifetime?  Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd now provides free .np domains for all Nepalese Citizens, Non-Resident-Nepalese, and even for Nepalese resident foreigners. I have seen some