“build.command” failed Netflify not building (FIX)

One day I was trying to deploy github repository on Netlify and I got a deployment error message with “build.command” failed │along with an error message Command failed with exit code 1: npm run build. I spent hours trying to fix this issue. I tried installing and building npm again, trying all the solutions from

How I Applied Norway for Masters Program and Got Visa?

Norway is one of the best places for study abroad. Without a doubt, numberless students around the globe come to study in Norway. The best thing about Norway is the public Universities offer international students to come and study for free. However, without a genuine information, you’ll go no near the application process. Jumping to

How to Display Most Popular Post Without Using Plugin in WordPress

There are numerous plugins available on the WordPress plugin directory for most popular posts. We are going to display the most popular post using the simple post query based on post views. We will be using post Meta to store the views count and we’ll fetch the posts according to the views count using the

How To Force a Favicon Refresh in Website

Favicon is a small icon typically displayed in the top address bar of a browser next to the site name. Just like logo, favicon represents the identity or branding of the website. Sometimes favicon also known as shortcut icon, website icon, or URL icon. The favicon dimension should be a set of 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48 picture.

Into The Wilderness

A man is a lost being. His dwelling in the past and dreaming of the future makes him more insensitive. He chooses his life not to live for himself but for others. What is the point of living if you’re just living to breathe? Often I’ve seen people working for the same company all their

Nocturnal Animals: Movie Plot Ending Twist

So I watched the movie Nocturnal Animals a couple of days ago directed by famous director and producer Tom Ford. I was stunned by the ending of this film. I love watching most of the Jake Gyllenhaal movies. He often plays drama thrillers genre. Anyway, here I am going to explain very briefly a plot and ending of the movie