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After doing a little research on google, I finally found an API tool to transform a given English Written Words to  instantly convert to Nepali Romanized Scripts. The tool called  Google Transliterate API. which is now Deprecated, did work at first. But it had so many issues which I think, even google failed to fix. That’s why it was not updated in the first place. I also explored for other tools to transliterate English Written script to Romanized Nepali Unicode as a substitute of google’s API because it was deprecated already on 26th May 2011. That’s almost 6 years ago as of today’s date.

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Nepali Unicode

When I surfed even more, to my surprise, Google has newly developed Google Input Tools to implement the similar feature as Google Transliterate. You can type in any language of your need using this online tool.

It’s astounding but not very dynamic. Not really useful if you want Nepali Unicode results. I don’t know about other languages, though.

To try it out, choose your language and input tool below and begin typing.

Here’s the link if you want to try:

The Google Transliterate API has been officially deprecated as of May 26, 2011. It will continue to work as per our deprecation policy.

What really Transliteration is?

Transliteration means converting a text from one script to another. For example, an English transliteration of the Greek phrase “mero naam“, usually translated as ‘My Name‘, is “मेरो नाम“. Therefore, Transliteration is different from Translation.

Transliteration vs. Translation

The Transliteration converts the written character into another syllabus or character. There is no translation involved in transliteration.

Whereas, translation officially translates the written word into another language.

For example, The Translation of Mero in English is “My or Mine” and its Transliteration in the romanized script is “मेरो“.

Transliteration is mostly used for the processing of textual data.

Romanized Nepali Unicode Online

I, however, have implemented another API to develop Romanized Nepali Unicode. I didn’t write the whole program but twisted designs and updated jQuery for better UI.

Hit the below button for Demo

Try Romanized Nepali Unicode