How to Create a Custom Search Form in WordPress

I have a Love/Hate relationship with WordPress Search Form, I really do. Furthermore, I am already Super Excited to be publishing this post. I have been thinking for a while to write a short article on Creating very own advanced Custom Search Form in WordPress. To begin with, if you activate default WordPress Theme like Twenty Sixteen

How To Remove a site from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool which tracks and reports traffic of your website. This freemium service is a great tool for a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign as well. Furthermore, Google Analytics also helps you to track the performance of your keywords for successful results. If you are going for monetization, you must use this

How to Display Thumbnail Images to Categories in WordPress

A category is a great way to group Posts/Pages together according to their attributes.  By default, WordPress has four taxonomies. And Category is one of them. Sometimes, our website looks much better if it has featured image appearing on different categories. I’m not talking in the back-end but where users can actually see the Category

6 Best Websites for Free High-Resolution Images

Attractive images and photos improve the design and make the contents/articles more interesting to read. But are we using the right images on our website? It is important that you should only use the images on your blogs if the owners allow you to use them. Otherwise, the infringement of copyright may result in lawsuits, monetary

How to Effectively Create a WordPress Child Theme

If you are a newbie in WordPress or in the development phase, you probably already know the basics about WordPress Child Theme. Needless to say, child theme possesses the DNA of the Parent theme. For instance, if you want to do the modifications and make a few changes in your Current WordPress Theme, then it is highly

How To Get Current Weather Using OpenWeatherMap API in PHP

After Google Weather API being deprecated, I researched over for other available options. Another reliable option was Yahoo Weather but it was very complex to use. Even its documentation was vague and boring to read. So I waved goodbye to Yahoo Weather !! It is legitimate but as I mentioned earlier, it is very complex to