How To Get a Free SSL For Your Domain

Do you want to know how I got SSL Certificate Registered on my domain? If you haven’t noticed it yet, have a look at the permalink above. There you will find HTTPS:// appearing in front of my domain instead of normal HTTP://. And guess what? I did it for Free !! They didn’t charge any penny from me and I was able to implement this awesome secure service on my website. If you also wish to have a Free SSL For Your Domain, just follow this tutorial.

Free SSL For Your Domain

It is true that you can have your very own Free SSL fully trusted green padlock appearing on your website. Even if your [Mercantile Domain] can get a Free SSL. In fact, SSL certificate works for every domain name. You just need to do it the right way.

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Before we begin, let us go through a brief description about SSL certificates and HTTPs.

First of All, make sure you have your domain registered and have access to your CPANEL account. Otherwise, it’s impossible to implement SSL certificate on your website.

So What SSL Certificate Really is?

SSL or simply Secure Socket Layer is the caliber security technology which is used to establish an encrypted and secure link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all the data passed between them remain private and intrinsic.

So Why SSL Certificate?

The main reason behind using SSL is to keep the information sent across the internet secure and encrypted so only the receiver can get the required message.  As the increment of hackers on the daily basis is immense, it is always important that the information you send through the internet is reached to the destination server without any hurdle. When SSL certificate is used, it will automatically make the data unreadable to anyone except to the server your information is being sent. Even Identity thieves and hackers get no chance to access it. So it is important that you use SSL certificate for your own sake.

How Do You Get a Free SSL For Your Domain?

There are few sites which provide Free SSL for your domain but for a limited time. Once your deadline expires, you actually need to pay for your valid certificate. My SSL certificate will expire in 3 months.
There are two SSL Service Provider that I know of which offers you free SSL for your domain for a limited time.


    Free SSL For Your Domain
    I am using this service to integrate SSL for my website. SSLForFree offers a free SSL Certificate for 3 months and Validity of 1 Year. However, you need to pay for this service once your certificate gets expired. After signing up, they generate a certificate by using ACME server using domain validation. Furthermore, they generate the private key in your browsers using Web Cryptography API.

    I am not going to go detail on this. You can sign up and live chat with them for the setup guidance. They are more than happy to provide the information you need. Just follow their instruction and you are ready to go.


    StartCom offers you a free SSL certificate for not more than 3 months and its validity is for 12 months period. Like SSLForFree, this service is also supported by the majority of web browsers. This means the SSL runs without any hurdle on your modern browsers. Moreover, this service is targeted for non-business or non-profit websites only. if your website has AdSense, you can still implement SSL on your domain.

After finally installing SSL via your Cpanel, do not forget to Check SSL from the below Link:

It will show you a positive response whether your certificate has been correctly listed on your domain and server.

We’re not finished here yet. Even though you have correctly installed all the intermediate certificates, your domain protocol HTTP:// will not automatically be redirected to HTTPS://. You need to insert a few lines of code inside your functions.php or .htaccess file.

Follow the below link for the code.

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Or insert the following code in your theme’s functions.php file:

function redirectToHTTPS(){
   $redirect= "https://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
add_action('init','redirectToHTTPS' );

If you now refresh your website, you will see https:// appearing on your web browser. In conclusion, you have successfully installed SSL Certificate on your domain.

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