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5 BuddyPress Tips and Tricks

BuddyPress is one of the most downloaded and most popular social plugins in WordPress repository. It is believed that more than 100,000 sites in today’s world operate with BuddyPress Site. It is a powerful plugin that transforms the site fully into social networking platform. And of course, it is a free plugin where you can

BuddyPress Group Custom MetaBox in edit group page

You may want to add your own custom field in BuddyPress Group editing page and have some functionality in BuddyPress Group.  You can add this by creating your own custom meta-box in group edit page. Please Note that  I just have created meta-box here. No more functionality. It doesn’t do anything yet. If you want to

How To Display Favorite Count after each activity in Buddypress Group

BuddyPress  is a powerful social network plugin for WordPress with member profiles, user groups, activity Streams, messaging, topics and many more. Members inside BuddyPress can socially interact with each other with blogging platform environment. Today, over 50,000+ live sites are running with the BuddyPress Plugin. Despite powerful features, BuddyPress lacks few features. One of them is favorite count.