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Are You Planning to Buy a Domain Name? Do it Yourself

Then my colleague (I’ll call him M) hired a new designer to purchase a domain name for him in his own name. The designer, who was also a bosom friend of M, agreed and instantly registered a domain for him. And the email account he used to purchase domain was from his own account rather than

How To Remove a site from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool which tracks and reports traffic of your website. This freemium service is a great tool for a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign as well. Furthermore, Google Analytics also helps you to track the performance of your keywords for successful results. If you are going for monetization, you must use this

6 Best Websites for Free High-Resolution Images

Attractive images and photos improve the design and make the contents/articles more interesting to read. But are we using the right images on our website? It is important that you should only use the images on your blogs if the owners allow you to use them. Otherwise, the infringement of copyright may result in lawsuits, monetary

Romanized Nepali Unicode Available Online Now

After doing a little research on google, I finally found an API tool to transform a given English Written Words to  instantly convert to Nepali Romanized Scripts. The tool called  Google Transliterate API. which is now Deprecated, did work at first. But it had so many issues which I think, even google failed to fix. That’s why

Sublime Text 3 Licence Key free

Steps for Sublime Text 3 Licence Key Free Activation (works on 3083 build!) Go to Menu -> Help -> Enter License (Press Alt key for Sublime Menu) Copy the license key available below and paste it into the textbox > Click the Use License button. Enjoy! ! Download Sublime Text —– BEGIN LICENSE —– Michael Barnes Single User

How To Logout Facebook Account From Other Device

Have you ever tried login in into your Facebook account from your friend’s computer and accidentally left your account signed in. I did once and I couldn’t recall. Friends can do bad things for fun like posting unnecessary Updates on your timeline. If you are a dude, then the most common amusing thing your friends do