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The Lego Batman Movie Review

The Lego Batman Movie was a pure comic, spruce, and I literally felt like a movie was made for me. The first 15 minutes will kill you laughing. I love animated movies but I really a wasn’t great fan of First Batman Lego Movie but this one was just phenomenon. This great action comedy film

5 Free WordPress e-books That Really Helps WordPress Beginners To Grow

I wish someone gave me these lists years ago when I first started learning WordPress. I wrestled to learn WordPress when there was nobody to guide me. The worst part was someone ruptured my mind by claiming WordPress was nothing but a blogging platform. And because of that I almost quit learning WordPress. It is somehow

Are You Planning to Buy a Domain Name? Do it Yourself

Then my colleague (I’ll call him M) hired a new designer to purchase a domain name for him in his own name. The designer, who was also a bosom friend of M, agreed and instantly registered a domain for him. And the email account he used to purchase domain was from his own account rather than

Was this Planet Really Made For us?

Is all of the creation evidence of an intelligent designer, including the completed mechanisms of the human body? Should you respond yes, then I say, the intelligence quotient of this designer leaves much to be desired. While I marvel at the evolution of the human body and brain contained therein, it is far from perfect. The

The Top 9 Must Follow Sites to Become a Successful Blogger

I was bored. I had nothing to do and had no topic to write. So, therefore, I decided to do a little research on the internet about Blogging Tips. Not surprisingly, I found tons and tons of Successful Bloggers who are selflessly guiding struggling bloggers(like me) to monetize blogs, to get a great number of audiences,

Google Maps-Simple Pins: The best Free Google Map Plugin You can Find

I am wicked excited to be publishing this post. I can relate. I spent some time (hours) developing Client-Oriented Theme and outlining in precise detail to add Google Map Pins along with the InfoWindow feature on their site. The clients are quite demanding sometimes ;). Anyway, every time I searched for Google Map plugins on the plugin repository, either they