Are You Planning to Buy a Domain Name? Do it Yourself

Then my colleague (I’ll call him M) hired a new designer to purchase a domain name for him in his own name. The designer, who was also a bosom friend of M, agreed and instantly registered a domain for him. And the email account he used to purchase domain was from his own account rather than M’s. I think you already know where this is going.

So the web development process began. But shortly, they had some disputes concerning price negotiation.

M then thought of hiring another developer for his site.

They both agreed.

Ok, what about my domain?

Oh, about that. I will sell it you for $40.

What The Heck ?!

The domain that initially cost him less than $10 was finally sold for $40. 😀 The story is painfully as well as hilariously true.

Hold on !! The story is not over yet. The domain name is still registered in the designer’s email account. After a year or two, the domain will eventually expire. Only Satan knows what will happen to that domain name.

Lesson Learnt !! Always register a domain name by yourself.

There’s another real-life horror story.

I met this one client who wanted his eminent e-commerce website to be re-designed and was looking for an experienced developer.

He had everything but no access to hosting Cpanel as well as Domain Name credentials. The former developer, who developed his site 15 years ago, was no longer alive and he didn’t have access to his code. Neither did he have access to his account. But he’s been paying for that domain name and hosting space for years.

He was stuck in his own Limbo !!

Another Lesson Learnt !!

Registering domain name is not hard as it sounds. You need no programming skills, you don’t need technical skills, and also you don’t need to be developer/designer to do that. If you are reading this, then it’s more likely that you know how to use the internet. Yes, this is the only skill you need to register a domain name. You’re not launching a missile.

There are thousands, if not ten thousands of domain hosting services that can be found right at your fingertips. To be on safe side, if you are considering of getting a domain name, do it yourself.  All you have to do is pick the hosting provider. Just type it and see if it’s available or not.,, are some of the suggested domain provider services.

The ultimate purpose of this article is, always buy your domain by yourself. Otherwise, you will be another victim.