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How To Integrate Bootstrap Navwalker Menu in WordPress

Bootstrap is very easy to use and  it is one of the most popular CSS frameworks which is used in most of the modern websites. It is also an open source and free front-end framework for creating various beautiful websites and web applications. Many Free, as well as Premium Templates, can be downloaded online. There are also other alternatives for bootstrap but

Redirect To HTTPS (SSL) In WordPress

Before you run redirection code,  you need to have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Secure Certificate on your website. You need to keep in mind that just installing SSL certificate on your website doesn’t let your visitors automatically redirected to secured (HTTPS) version of your website. You need to write some codes in your functions.php or .htaccess file to

How To Create a New Admin Account in WordPress Via Mysql

One day, I forgot my WordPress login account i.e. wp-admin username and password. I tried to change the username and password from the MySQL Database, but still, I couldn’t log in. I got locked out of my own account. While researching on the internet, I realized this could happen either via some code error, a hack, or an

Disable or Remove Pings in wordpress

We all know the internal link is good for SEO as well as for user experience. Since WordPress 3.1  announced internal linking, many of us have been linking to our own preceding posts for good optimization. If you have tried internal linking on your site, you may have noticed the links displayed as a comment. This

How to Migrate WordPress site to another URL

You may want to migrate WordPress site from one hosting to another hosting or simply from local server to live server. There are various techniques when you try to Migrate WordPress site to another URL. This can be done by manual installation or using different available plugins in the Repository. It’s a nail-biting task when it

How To Remove Update Notifications in WordPress

When you log into the backend of WordPress, you’ll see update notifications. If you’re not an admin user and even if you don’t have the privilege to update plugins or themes, you’ll see the update notifications in your Dashboard Screen. By default, WordPress displays update notifications to all users when they log into the backend. You can