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How to Add Zoom effect on Image hover in WordPress

There are many possible options to add a Zoom Effect on image hover in WordPress. Many users use plugins whereas, some use a plenty of line of codes to integrate such functionality on a site. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can accomplish the exact same effect or better than the

How to add Bootstrap Carousel in WordPress without Plugin

Are you another frustrated Web Developer who is tired of using a plethora of Slider Plugins? Or are you in search of simple, easy, and reliable Slider Plugin? Well, don’t worry, in this tutorial, we are going to use our very own free, dynamic Bootstrap Carousel in WordPress step wise. And of course, we are NOT going

What’s new in WordPress 4.6 ?

WordPress has yet again released it’s another major version i.e. WordPress 4.6 today. WordPress team released it’s first major version of 2016 4.5 On April 12. Numerous bugs were tested in its preceding versions and finally, on August 16,  2016, there is an excitement to talk about the release of  WordPress 4.6. Let’s discuss what’s new in

How to display Custom Gravatar for Guest Users in WordPress

When a guest user or non-member user comment in your blog posts or articles, you may have noticed the mysterious person appearing next to his/her name as an avatar in the comment section. Because of this, most of the people often gets misunderstood the comment as a SPAM !! Although they are relevant and genuine

How to Secure Your WordPress site with .htaccess

With the number of hackers growing day by day, websites are undoubtedly prone to Security Risks. Whether your website is worth being hacked or not, your Nemesis always try to let you down. And one  of the ways is hacking your website. If your website is not secure, with the different Security Breach Techniques, the hackers use

How to Add Custom attributes in WordPress Nav Menu

There comes a time when you want to add custom attributes in WordPress nav menu. For instance, you may want one of your menus differently displayed than others.One day my client wanted me to add Bootstrap Tooltip feature on two of the nav menus on her site. Well, I knew it was possible but it was a