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How to Remove Hardcore Width and Height of Thumbnail size in WordPress

By default, WordPress Featured image comes with the built in width and height. In some cases, your website may not meet the requirement of the height/width of the image. Or let’s say, you are not familiar with the responsive design and your images show messed up width and height after displaying on the front end.

How to Disable Comments in Pages or Posts in WordPress

By default, WordPress comes with the comments enabled for every post and page. If your website contains a lot of pages, you may not want visitors to comment on every pages or post. For example, you have a page Terms and Policies or let’s say, Contact Page.  However, it is very illogical that  the users have access to

How to Add custom Pagination in Custom Theme in WordPress

In most cases, pagination is intensely annoying. One of that worst scenarios is Advertisement . It further affects hugely on SEO too. But if it comes to page load time and user experience, pagination will be the best friend of your website. Many websites are promoting this pagination technique to divide the Hundreds of Posts or

How to Add Zoom effect on Image hover in WordPress

There are many possible options to add a Zoom Effect on image hover in WordPress. Many users use plugins whereas, some use a plenty of line of codes to integrate such functionality on a site. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can accomplish the exact same effect or better than the

How to Add Scroll To Top Button in WordPress

              The good user-friendly experience and simplicity is a must to keep visitors on every website to increase traffic in a good website. The best way to do this is by building a simple and elegant page on your site. The reader may leave your website instantly and may not

Change From and Email Address names in WordPress

You may want to Reset Your Password when you get locked out of your own WordPress Account or for Security Purpose. However, there are various ways to Change/Reset your Password. You can modify it from WordPress Dashboard or via PHPMyAdmin Database if you are a site Admin and have full access to the site’s CPanel. The other global