Why Aliens haven’t Invaded us yet?

In my earlier article, I have written a compelling article regarding the existence of the Aliens. Not many people believe on the corporeal of the Extra Terrestrials. But  I do and even 5-year kids today believe there exist a life on other planets.  If we look at the evidences from different resources aliens do have visited our planet multiple times. Who knows they may be living among us. ;-). Or perhaps with the advanced technology, there is no doubt they can develop cloaking devices that we are unable to see or detect. There have also been many stories told about the Aliens and UFO’s captured in photos. People who haven’t seen Aliens believe the photos are some kind of photo-editing plausibly because they are terrified deep inside. Aliens do have become a myth. If Aliens exist, yet another question still remains. Why Aliens haven’t Invaded us yet?

why aliens haven't invaded us yet?

I have read an interesting story about the Roswell (Mexico) UFO incident a few weeks ago. According to the Mexican famous Press, People in Roswell saw the crash of a balloon-like object falling from the sky to the ground. The US Airforce immediately took the flying object and convinced people that the crash was of a conventional weather balloon. But later, it was believed that the crashing object was not of an ordinary balloon, but it was an Alien spaceship. Reports claimed that the US government classified the footage of Spaceship so that Soviet Union Russia wouldn’t find out the details about the Aliens Spaceship Architecture. We all know, the US and USSR are arch rivals when it comes to science and technology. Later, it was revealed by people that there were injured Aliens too and their bodies were taken by the crane to the USA for further research. USA have a top-secret base, called AREA-51 where they test experimental aircraft and weapons systems. Probably the remaining of the Aliens and craft are in Area-51 base now. No people are allowed to enter there. Read more about Roswell incident.

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a few years back, NASA astronaut  Edgar Mitchell further claimed that Aliens stopped the Nuclear war between US and Russia in WWII. He also believes the aliens still exist and they took a big role in shutting down the nuclear weapon during the war between Russia and US.  Read detail story on Fox News.
Russia even warned the President Obama to tell the world about the Aliens or they would.

Watch Mitchell’s Witness Video Here


So if Aliens really exist and they have visited our planet too, then why haven’t they attacked us yet ? Here are some of the logical points I got from some online research:-

  1. They probably don’t share the same resource. They have no interest in our resources. They may have the different temperature, light, atmosphere, water, etc. that’s why they don’t want to live here.
  2.  If Aliens have come so this far, they probably have found better planet than Earth to live in which is closer to their living planet.
  3. They may want to preserve unique species from extinction. There aren’t lots of living species in the Universe.
  4. Human Beings are the only creature on this Planet who have evolved so far, but we are not as intelligent as Aliens. Probably we are the forefathers of Extra Terrestrials. They don’t want to wipe us either.
  5. They are probably still studying us , about our DNA,  the earth atmosphere or the evolution of the earth, etc.
  6. Ever heard about Men in Black ? There are a lot of stories about them. Even the movie has been released.
  7. Earth is nothing special as we think.
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If they wanted to abduct us, we’d be dead already. They have the advanced technology to destroy the Earth in no time. But they don’t want to. WHY? Because they care. They are not vicious and blood-thirsty like us.