Turn on Internet Connection Sharing Option Missing

came to notice one day that I couldn’t share my Internet connection on ad hoc. Restarting my PC over and over again didn’t solve my issue. I even deleted unwanted plugins but all in vain. I came to the understanding that sometimes windows exigently fizzle out  your ad hoc internet sharing options on windows 7.

Generally,when you share your internet ad-hoc connection on the first time, everything works fine. But after a certain period of time, the Internet connection sharing option disappears. The worst part is it’s almost not possible to share your internet connection again via ad-hoc connection… Although the problem is quite tricky, but however, I finally got the quick fix to this bug.

And YES, It WORKS !!!

So Why This Bug?

Basically, this problem arises when  you share your internet connection twice or more than once. (This is a bug Microsoft needs to solve). The internet sharing option is linked to the very first ad hoc network that you have created and won’t be available unless you remove your first ad hoc network.The problem?

This ad hoc network is not shown anywhere! Thank you, Microsoft! Basically, you need to remove something that is not shown anywhere and that you cannot manage. Even restarting your Computer, looking everywhere you want won’t fix either.
The Solution?

Well, there are lots of “solutions” on the net but none worked for me. I found my process and willingly wanted to share it (reason for this whole bug).

Step 1: Go to your network settings: “Control Panel” / “Network and Sharing Center” and click  the “Change adapter settings”.

Step 2: You will and should see 2 important connections here:

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your local connection (the one that enables you to connect to the internet). It is probably in the state “Network-> Shared“.

  • your wireless connection (the one you will be using to give internet access to your other devices)
  •  you may have plenty of other connections that are not important
  • you will NOT have ad hoc connections (that would be too good to be true)

Step 3: Right click on your local connection and go to Properties.

There must be a tab named “Sharing” which is probably activated. Disable it (uncheck the first option “Allow other…”).

Turn on Internet Connection Sharing

Step 4: Disable your wireless connection.

Turn on Internet Connection Sharing

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Step 5: Re-enable your wireless connection. As the sharing is already disabled by you and when you re-enable your wireless connection it should not use the internet-sharing-unique-slot.

Turn on Internet Connection Sharing

Step 6: Simply retry to create an ad-hoc connection. The option “Turn on Internet connection sharing” should now appear correctly.

Turn on Internet Connection Sharing

There may be other several reasons. if the above solution didn’t solve your problem. The other reasons may also be:

  • you haven’t re- enabled your wireless network or for some reasons your wireless network is not up (WiFi button red ?)
  • you have not followed the steps properly. If you disable your wireless connection first, your local connection will not show the sharing tab. You need the wireless connection up to disable the sharing option of your local connection.

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