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How to Display Most Popular Post Without Using Plugin in WordPress

There are numerous plugins available on the WordPress plugin directory for most popular posts. We are going to display the most popular post using the simple post query based on post views. We will be using post Meta to store the views count and we’ll fetch the posts according to the views count using the

5 Free WordPress e-books That Really Helps WordPress Beginners To Grow

I wish someone gave me these lists years ago when I first started learning WordPress. I wrestled to learn WordPress when there was nobody to guide me. The worst part was someone ruptured my mind by claiming WordPress was nothing but a blogging platform. And because of that I almost quit learning WordPress. It is somehow

How to Effectively Create a WordPress Child Theme

If you are a newbie in WordPress or in the development phase, you probably already know the basics about WordPress Child Theme. Needless to say, child theme possesses the DNA of the Parent theme. For instance, if you want to do the modifications and make a few changes in your Current WordPress Theme, then it is highly

Step-by-Step Guide: Display Current Nepali Date in WordPress Using Nepali Date Converter Plugin

Hey there! With lots of awesome bloggers in Nepal, it’s a trend to use the Nepali Date on websites. You might have seen it on news sites, right? Today, we’re going to make your WordPress site cooler by adding the current Nepali Date – and it’s super easy! We’ll use a nifty plugin called Nepali

Optimize Your Images: A Guide on Removing Thumbnail Size Dimensions in WordPress

By default, WordPress assigns dimensions to featured images, but these may not always suit your website. If you’re not keen on responsive design, your images might appear messy with incorrect width and height. This becomes crucial when crafting a custom theme or template, and you want to get rid of those default dimensions. Fortunately, it’s

How To Add Custom Menu Position in WordPress

Once upon a WordPress time, I had a unique challenge. A client wanted a custom Bootstrap menu with special JS and CSS, and they’d found the perfect design on Codepen.io. The catch? They wanted it seamlessly integrated into their WordPress site, and the custom menu item had to snugly fit between two specific menu items.