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10 Mistakes Most Bloggers Make While Blogging

When it comes to reading, I don’t ALWAYS pick a good book. It doesn’t even have to be famous as well. Carlos Ruiz Zafón once quoted, “Every book has a soul of a person“. That’s why if I feel like reading, I just pick up a book and read it till the end. Always read something that

Why I am not a big fan of Dashain ?

Dashain is the greatest and probably the most popular festival in Nepal. Nepalese People from different corners of the world come just to meet their families and accept the offerings & blessings on this propitious occasion. They cherish with each other. Dashain is also probably the oldest festival celebrated in the human history. And it brings

Infinity plus Infinity ( ∞ + ∞ )

I still remember the day when my primary teacher (forgot her name) was teaching Mathematics on the very first day of my 1st Grade. I was around 6-7 years of age at that time. And that was the day when I first fell in love with Mathematics. The topic my Teacher was teaching in Mathematics

In Pursuit of My Shadow

In Pursuit of My Shadow I walk through the light, In search of my shadow I walk alone, still nowhere to be found Day passes by, a month passes by and a year I fall with the shadow Still nowhere to be found In pursuit of my shadow At sunlight, I hunt for my shadow

Sleepless Night

My eyes are closed and My mind’s wide awake My dreams are perplexed slowly they start to fade The past doesn’t haunt me, neither does the present A snarling wind feints me heart forfeits all my hopes The stars have gone away my hopes are covered in mist Yearning for the wee of the morning

Why Aliens haven’t Invaded us yet?

In my earlier article, I have written a compelling article regarding the existence of the Aliens. Not many people believe on the corporeal of the Extra Terrestrials. But  I do and even 5-year kids today believe there exist a life on other planets.  If we look at the evidences from different resources aliens do have visited our planet multiple times. Who