How To Remove shortcut virus from Pen drive

One day I accidentally caught  a virus on my USB drive from my friends. It was a shortcut virus which not only affected my flash drive, but there was a copy of shortcut inside my whole computer folders. Then slowly my whole friends got this virus after inserting the affected USB in their laptops/computers.  I was not the only one :-). I tried to remove shortcut virus but failed a numerous time.

Even after deleting the shortcut virus, it inescapably showed up after opening any folder or files from my computer. This virus couldn’t just be removed/deleted from antivirus software or anti-malware tools. I formatted the USB and remove shortcut virus in Pen drive but still computer got affected from shortcut virus which was already victim since the time, USB got inserted

But after days of research on the internet, I finally found the solutions. Don’t worry, you don’t need to format your PC or Flashdrive to remove the virus. You can user your computer normal like before it was infected from the virus. No data/files will be deleted.

What is Shortcut Virus ?

Shortcut virus are the ones which automatically replicates your folders into new shortcut folders. Sometimes they hide your original files. Although they are not so harmful viruses but they are one of the reasons to use your hard disk space abundantly. Therefore you must get rid of such viruses immediately you notice them.

Generally, the Shortcut virus comes in Two Types.

  1.  Flash drive Shortcut Virus.
  2. Files/Folders Shortcut Virus.

And these viruses comes in different forms.

Remove shortcut virus in Pen drive

1. Open your run command ( Windows + R Key )

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2. Type %temp% and hit Enter.


3. Now you’ll see all your temporary files in your Temp Folders, you can delete all of them.

Note: Don’t worry. Temporary folders are not necessary files on your computer. You can delete them any time.

( Read More about Temporary Files)

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You will see some unique VBScript files, which obviously hacker created due to which your computer are infected in the form of shortcut virus. So you  just need to delete this file to get rid of shortcut virus.

4. Now, Open Task Manager and go to Startup tab, disable .vbs file.

( You can end the task from the process tab selecting the .vbs process if this file didn’t get remove)

5. Now remove .vbs file from Temp Folder.

This will remove Shortcut Virus from your Computer. If this didn’t solve your problem, try other shortcut virus removal tools like This will remove the shortcut creating virus. If none solve your problem, probably your whole system is infected. It’s better to format your Computer with a new Operating System. 


In order to prevent Shortcut virus from coming back again, You should always scan your USB drive before opening them from your computer or other’s devices. The most important thing is you have your Antivirus installed on your computer and update it regularly. Also, perform a regular Scan of your whole computer to remove malware.