Was this Planet Really Made For us?

Is all of the creation evidence of an intelligent designer, including the completed mechanisms of the human body? Should you respond yes, then I say, the intelligence quotient of this designer leaves much to be desired.

While I marvel at the evolution of the human body and brain contained therein, it is far from perfect. The dynamics of all the metabolical processes would not have been designed by a superior intelligence.

An Intelligent designer who designs the sun that creates cancer, and will eventually expand into a red giant and kill all life on earth.

Was this Planet Really Made For us?Everything outside our planet will kill humans within moments. On our own planet earth, 70% is covered by undrinkable water. Of the 30% of remaining land mass, half of this area is uninhabitable for humans. That leaves 15% of the earth’s surface for humans to live on. Even in this small space, practically everything is trying to kill us. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, floods, sinkholes, etc.

Believing our universe was “fine tuned” to support human life is truly laughable. We can only inhabit 15% of a single planet in an unimaginably immense universe, with no hope of even living on another planet within our own solar system, and there are countless ways for even this minuscule area to kill humans.

The fine tuning argument (the variables are perfect for life) is fraught with flaws. Firstly, it assumes that there is a purpose to the universe, and in this case, purpose means the intelligent goal of creation, which assumes a creator. If a creator is your claim, then your logic is inherently circular.

The universe is energy in motion. The universe runs itself. If believers insist their god created the universe, then it is like guys who need someone to touch their d**k to get hard, and that someone can only be a magic cloud fairy.

Religionists arguments are tinted with anthropic bias since it assumes that we humans are a goal, rather than an ancillary result. Indeed, if intelligent life were a goal, we should see planets lined up to make the universe a veritable crop of life.

We are no different from some mold on a slice of bread saying, “WOW! This is so perfect for our existence, that this bread must have been made for us.” Of course, the bread was not made for the mold. In our case, we can see what happens to other worlds which are not fit for life, such as Mercury. There is no indication that, other than ourselves, anything in the universe does not give a damn about our existence.

The final nail in the coffin is the argument that the parameters for life are so finely tuned. If your god intended to create life, why make the parameters so sensitive? It implies that the god is either constrained and thus impotent, or he is just inept. Either way, it does not argue well for your creator.

Credits: Kojo Frimpong (Blogger/Writer from Ghana)