Nepal Constitution 2072 pdf Download

It is a good news for us all Nepalese that after a long waiting period of time, finally the draft of the constitution has been released by the CA i.e Constitution Assembly. We all Nepalese are hopeful for peace, prosperous, unified Nepal in the future. Let’s hope this new constitution of Nepal 2072 will make the drastic change in no time in the following years. The draft constitution is still needed to be rectified and it seems CA members are vehemently  committed to releasing the constitution of new Nepal 2072 by later month.

You can now download pdf file of Nepal Constitution 2072 / 2015 from here Download Nepal Constitution 2072 pdf

Prominent Features of New Constitution of Nepal

  • Nepal is regarded as a federal state meaning that there will be no any unitary structure. The corrupt leaders have proposed [Seven Federal States] for now.
  • Now there is a full right  given to Civilians including  fundamental rights, human rights as well as voting rights.
  • Nepal is a Secular State/Country. That means there is freedom of religion. Nobody can interfere in anyone religion and anybody has a right to adapt the religion he/she wants.
  • President is now the official ceremonial head-of-the-state.
  • There is the termination of Monarchy in Nepal. Although the President plays no role in the country and the Prime minister do the most part, President is regarded as the head of state while the prime minister that is appointed by CA ( Constitutional Assembly ).
  • The New Constitution of Nepal  ensures a bicameral (two chambers) federal parliament.
  • The Executive rights of the nation are vested upon the Ministry Councils.
  • There is also a full press freedom and a fair, independent, and the proficient judiciary is guaranteed.
  • Total of 550 members in the parliament.
  • Nepal has also continued to abolish the death penalty system. The country had abolished the death penalty in 1990 after the propagation of the new Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal – 1990.
  • The woman right is highly effective in new Constitution. So there will be no discrimination between the men and women.

So What are the Positive Things We can Moan about New Constitution ?

Some of the Positive features of Nepal Constitution 2072 are:

  • Flexible constitution. This means it can easily be changed/updated by the two to third majority of parliaments.
  • The number of states and its boundaries can also easily amended.
  • Prime Minister cannot dissolve CA and no one can register Abiswas ko Prastab against Prime Minister for the first two years. Although the government head is changing from time to time, this action is believed to make stable Nepalese government.
  • The Supreme Court will be in the Central State of the country. There will officially be the High Court in each and every state while District Court will be in each District Headquarter. ( Don’t think it will be possible).

So there are some of the Positive things we can expect from New Constitution of Nepal. Whether the rule will be effective or not, we should hope that this will fulfill the dream of the every citizen of Nepal.