How To Logout Facebook Account From Other Device

Have you ever tried login in into your Facebook account from your friend’s computer and accidentally left your account signed in. I did once and I couldn’t recall. Friends can do bad things for fun like posting unnecessary Updates on your timeline.

If you are a dude, then the most common amusing thing your friends do is update your Facebook status on your timeline saying “I am Gay“. Of course,  your friends post just to make fun , but it will be more indefensible if your personal secrets are being exposed.  If I get a chance, I’d openly post silly status in their timeline. 😀

If such ravage happens, what will you do ? I have a solution for this don’t worry. I have been in that situation too once. However, you can sign out of your Facebook  Account from all the devices where you are signed in. It means you can completely destroy all your login details session so that nobody can login to your account even though you forgot to log out from browsers.

And guess what ? You can do this even without changing your password or deactivation your Facebook account. But you need to instantly login from Computer to do this. Otherwise, who knows ? You will get hacked !!

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Logout Facebook Account From Other Device

Follow these steps to log out of other devices:-

  • Log in your Facebook Account (from anywhere). Nearby cyber or rush home.
  • Go to ‘Settings‘ tab. (located on the right side of the home)

Logout Facebook Account From Other Device


  • Choose “Security Tab“. (You’ll see the below image after clicking  security tab)Logout Facebook Account From Other Device


Logout Facebook Account From Other Device

  • ClickEnd Activitytab to log out of specific devices.
  • You can click End All Activity tab for better security.

This is  How You Logout Facebook Account From Other Device 🙂

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