Infinity plus Infinity ( ∞ + ∞ )

I still remember the day when my primary teacher (forgot her name) was teaching Mathematics on the very first day of my 1st Grade. I was around 6-7 years of age at that time. And that was the day when I first fell in love with Mathematics. The topic my Teacher was teaching in Mathematics was Numeric System. Before the lecture, she first told us all to raise our hands who knew how to count the numbers. I did know how to read, write and count the numbers but I was kind of a shy kid, so I didn’t feel like I should also raise the hands. Like a Boss :evil:. So why infinity plus infinity ? What’s the main motive of this article?

Ok, she was teaching us all about the ancient traditional counting system before the numbers were invented. I was even more whammed by the fact that people used cravings on trees to count their sheep. I had some stupid questions in mind that why they didn’t use the numeric counting system ? What if the trees are cut down and he/she forget the number? What happens if sheep get stolen? I would have used the modern counting system if I were there. Those were the exact notions that were in my mind during the whole lecture period. I was just a little kid with some serious ambition , what do you expect ? :-P. Although I didn’t have any personal favorite major course, Mathematics became my closest companion since that day.

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There was no internet in Nepal in the 19s. We could hardly even see the computer at that time. There was only one computer in the whole school and that was also in the Principal’s office. There were rumors that the computer was just for a showcase. It was and broken old machine which was gifted by China or another country. One thing is sure, either it didn’t work or no one knew how to operate computer.

Due to my curiosity of the early counting system, I finally decided to study books from the library. As I was only 6 or 7 years old at that time and in the first grade, the librarian scolded me instead. 😀 The kids like us weren’t allowed to enter the library in the past. Regardless of such incident, I somehow managed to get second-grade mathematics book from my friend. It was not like I was really interested in the book or something, I just wanted to know how it worked.

In the quaint felicity of my research, I came to discover another illustration of  Stone age Counting System. The cavemen carved Drawings in caves and stones which are believed that they are the symbols of a counting system. Each drawing had different lengths and researchers believe they indicate the value of numbers. Some lines even had carved drawings. Although there has been the different hypothesis of such drawings, there is no evidence that they are accurate. infinity plus infinity

So what is infinity plus infinity ?

For infinity plus infinity, you can picture it like dividing integers into two parts: Even and Odd. Both of them are infinite, but when to put together (essentially ∞+ ∞) it will still be “just” all the integers.

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Infinity is just a word for something that goes on forever and ever and it can’t be measured.