How to Disable Comments in Pages or Posts in WordPress

By default, WordPress comes with the comments enabled for every post and page. If your website contains a lot of pages, you may not want visitors to comment on every pages or post. For example, you have a page Terms and Policies or let’s say, Contact Page.  However, it is very illogical that  the users have access to comment on these pages too. This will ravage the whole beauty of the website.

Thankfully, with a WordPress Screen Option tool, you can disable the comment form appearing in the particular Posts or Pages. Don’t worry, you can control the ability to enable/disable your visitors to post comments on a post or page at any time later.

Disable Comments in Pages or Posts in WordPress

Follow the below Steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard with your username login and password.
  2. Go to the particular Post or Page you wish to disable the comment option.
  3. On the very Right Top Corner, you will see the Screen Options tab. Click on it.
    Disable Comments in Pages or Posts
  4. You will now see the Discussion Checkbox. If it’s unchecked, tick the checkbox.
    Disable Comments in Pages or Posts
  5. Finally, on the very bottom of the page, you will see Discussion option. Uncheck Allow comments to disable comment.
    Disable Comments in Pages or Posts

This is it. And you’re done! We have finally Disabled Comments our particular pages in WordPress.

Automatically Closing Comments

Did you know it is also possible to turn the comments off automatically after the specified day’s number? In other words, you can disable the comment to your post after the article is x days old.

To do this, Go to the Settings → Discussion page. You will see the “Other comment settings” section. Check the box next to the option as shown in the screenshot below. Enter the number of days and finally hit “Save Settings.” For example, if you enter the 20, your articles will disable the comment option after the 20 days of it’s published date.

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Disable Comments in Pages or Posts

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