Connected to the Internet but No Access

One day I found out my Wi-Fi was connected to the internet but my Browser wasn’t working. Any URL I entered showed the page saying “Couldn’t connect to the internet“. I tried from all the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera but all in vain. Even restarting my computer didn’t work. Then I finally tried something that helped me solve my issue. You may find your WiFi is connected to the internet but no access when you surf. I finally realized that it normally happens due to IP Freeze. Hundreds of IPs run from your browsers every day.  Therefore, You need to reset TCP/IP so that it will work back to normal again. Following are the steps I followed to fix my problem. Hope it solves for you too.


Step 1: Click on Start Menu or Start Screen from your keyboard or mouse.

Step 2: In the search box, type CMD, then you’ll see cmd application displayed in the search.

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Step 3:  Now right-click on “CMD” —> Select “Run as administrator”.

Step 4: Now Enter following Command in command prompt

[code]netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt [/code]

Then Hit “Enter”.

Then, you’ll see similar to this kind of screenshot

Connected to the internet but no access

Step 6: Reboot Your Computer

Now your browser must work.

Good Luck !!