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In Pursuit of My Shadow

In Pursuit of My Shadow I walk through the light, In search of my shadow I walk alone, still nowhere to be found Day passes by, a month passes by and a year I fall with the shadow Still nowhere to be found In pursuit of my shadow At sunlight, I hunt for my shadow

Nepal Constitution 2072 pdf Download

It is a good news for us all Nepalese that after a long waiting period of time, finally the draft of the constitution has been released by the CA i.e Constitution Assembly. We all Nepalese are hopeful for peace, prosperous, unified Nepal in the future. Let’s hope this new constitution of Nepal 2072 will make

Why Aliens haven’t Invaded us yet?

In my earlier article, I have written a compelling article regarding the existence of the Aliens. Not many people believe on the corporeal of the Extra Terrestrials. But  I do and even 5-year kids today believe there exist a life on other planets.  If we look at the evidences from different resources aliens do have visited our planet multiple times. Who

Existence of The Aliens (Mystery)

It is one of the tremendous obscurities today whether the Alien life is feasible or not. There are abounding myths that people claim to know about the existence of the aliens. The most important question is why are we the only living creature in entire Universe? Can’t there be others too? According to the Fermi Paradox,