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Connected to the Internet but No Access

One day I found out my Wi-Fi was connected to the internet but my Browser wasn’t working. Any URL I entered showed the page saying “Couldn’t connect to the internet“. I tried from all the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera but all in vain. Even restarting my computer didn’t work. Then I finally tried something

Turn on Internet Connection Sharing Option Missing

I came to notice one day that I couldn’t share my Internet connection on ad hoc. Restarting my PC over and over again didn’t solve my issue. I even deleted unwanted plugins but all in vain. I came to the understanding that sometimes windows exigently fizzle out  your ad hoc internet sharing options on windows 7.

How To Remove shortcut virus from Pen drive

One day I accidentally caught  a virus on my USB drive from my friends. It was a shortcut virus which not only affected my flash drive, but there was a copy of shortcut inside my whole computer folders. Then slowly my whole friends got this virus after inserting the affected USB in their laptops/computers.  I was not the only